Topics include (not exclusive):

  *   Organic and polymeric materials (photophysics, chemistry, and dynamics)
  *   Energy transport and exciton annihilation processes
  *   Organic/polymeric electronic devices (OLEDS, OPV, etc.)
  *   Photophysics and applications of hybrid organometal perovskite materials
  *   Thermally activated delayed fluorescence in OLEDs
  *   Organo-metallic complexes (photophysics and applications)
  *   Semiconductor nanocrystals and metal nanoparticles (hybrid devices and novel physical phenomena)
  *   Organic and inorganic nanostructured photovoltaic phenomena (physics, chemistry, and devices)
  *   Optical properties of carbon allotropes
  *   Photophysics of 2D atomic-layered materials
  *   Molecular and supramolecular ordered assembly at nanoscales
  *   Novel optical probes for condensed-matter materials research
  *   Singlet Fission
  *   Spin dynamics in organic systems
  *   Photophysics of Bio organic materials and luminescent optical probes


Important Dates

Call for papers and registration starts
October 19, 2016

Abstract submission deadline
March 14, 2017

Paper acceptance notice
April 8, 2017

Early bird and presenting author registration deadline
April 18, 2017

June 19-23, 2017

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